We’re in a HotSpot!

If you live anywhere from North Carolina to Boston, you are in a Hot Spot for an increase in the water height! You would think as these glaciers melt, they would add the water height evenly throughout the world. No…no…no….it actually raises quicker in certain areas.


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La Jolla California

Make a video of your own at Animoto.

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Google launches Dropbox competitor

…and it will integrate with Google Docs!

Google launches Dropbox competitor.

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US introduces $60 LED light bulb

Not bad…the light bulb lasts for over 20 years!

BBC News – US introduces $60 LED light bulb.

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In honor of Levon Helm

Levon Helm Passed away today at age of 81

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What no cables to the tv?

Ikea just might have a winner here! What housewife isn’t going to fall in love with TV and speakers with no cables!

Here’s the Link

Be sure to watch the video from Ikea.

IKEA puts away your TV cables, tech credentials — Engadget.

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Oh Crap, Did you send that letter?

Man what a blunder!

UCLA apologizes for wrongly telling 894 students they’re accepted – latimes.com.

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Check out Google’s Front Page

Once again a fantastic animation on the front page of google today.

Here’s the link

As if you didn’t already have it set as a favorite.


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60 Minutes Reports, Is Sugar Toxic?

Do not miss this video about SUGAR! Extremely interesting.

The link…

The video is the only thing to watch. At lower part of page.

60 Minutes Reports, Is Sugar Toxic? [Video] | Z6Mag.

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Trailer: The Pitch – YouTube

New reality series coming to AMC.

It’s all about “The Pitch”

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